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A little about us..


We’re Putra and Lenka, a husband + wife Melbourne pet photography duo, the creative masterminds behind Spotty Paws.

We’re animal lovers and equally passionate about photography. And we’re combining the two things that we love most into the coolest job ever: Pet Photographer! We share our life with our happy-go-lucky Bulldog Maximus, who brings so much joy and laughter into our household. You’ll see him around here a lot, as he loves having his portraits taken as much as we can’t get enough of photographing him!

Our mission at Spotty Paws is to capture fleeting moments in your pets’ life and create stunning art for display in your home as well as keepsakes to last a lifetime. We want to tell their stories, chronicle their growths and personalities in a way that is personal to you. We believe there is nothing more beautiful than a soul in motion, which is why we like to capture the little moments of your pets’ life as they happen and when they’re in their element; may that be lounging in the grass or chasing waves at the beach. We work primarily with natural light, mostly outdoors, but we’re always excited to cater to indoor requirements.

If you like what we do and would like to commission us to create lifelong memories and gorgeous images of your pets, please get in touch. We’d be excited to hear from you!


And a little about Maximus..

Maximus (Bulldog) | Melbourne Pet & Dog Photographer | Spotty Paws Pet Photography

Maximus is our 5 year old Bulldog with spotted paws and belly – We’re pretty sure you can guess by now that he’s the unofficial mascot of Spotty Paws!

Maximus is an Aries, born in April. Like most Bulldog he’s determined and headstrong (translation: stubborn). He’s also very friendly and loves giving sloberry kisses to fellow canine and human friends. He enjoys simple things in life like eating and snoozing. He fancies almost everything that we eat, but will definitely do tricks for bits of toast crust and licks of yoghurt (all is good in moderation!). He enjoys sunbathing on a warm sunny day and his greatest weakness lies in belly rubs. And yes he snores, burbs and slobbers, but they’re all part of his charm and we would not have it any other way! ♥