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Dexter (French Bulldog) | Melbourne Pet Photography

It was Dexter’s 1st Birthday so mum and dad decided to do something special and celebrate the big milestone with a family photo shoot.View full post »

David & Sophie (French Bulldog) | Melbourne Pet Photography

We’re so thrilled to be sharing our latest session with David and Sophie the Frenchie!View full post »

Rambo & Miller (Pug & French Bulldog) | Melbourne Pet Photography

Rambo and Miller is a super cool Pug & French Bulldog pair that we had the pleasure of photographing a couple of weeks back.View full post »

Winston (French Bulldog) | Melbourne Pet Photography

Some photo shoots take weeks and weeks of planning. Some “just” happened and it’s nothing short of amazing – like this one.View full post »

Giro & Kiara (Smooth Collie & Whippet) | Melbourne Pet Photography

Meet Giro the Smooth Collie and Kiara (a.k.a Kiki) the Whippet. These two are the wonderful four-legged companions of Daniela, the owner and professional dog trainer at DeltaDogz.View full post »

Bulldog Dress Up Party | Melbourne Pet Photography

We had so much fun over the weekend photographing at the Bulldogs of Stonnington first ever Dress Up Party play date.View full post »

Dutchy (French Bulldog) | Melbourne Pet Photography

It was love at first sight. And that was what happened when Clare found Dutchy, or actually, when Dutchy found Clare!View full post »

Kooper, Felix & Mac (Golden Retriever, Jack Russell & Great Dane) | Melbourne Pet Photography

We were so excited when Clare told us she wanted to arrange a photo shoot for Dutchy, but the session quickly grown into a family affair when Clare’s sister Alice and mum Ruth decided to join theView full post »

Frankie & Millie (Pug) | Melbourne Pet Photography

We’re so excited to be sharing our session with an adorable Pug duo, Frankie and Millie. These two lovable were adopted a little over a year ago by their mum Tarryn and are now her absolute pride andView full post »